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Digital Cash In A Cashless World


Undoubtedly, the outgoing year will come to history as the time of numerous notable, yet seldom, harrowing events. We all could witness the beauty of the Rio Olympic Games, we all followed the US Elections back in early November ending up in a surprising win of Donald Trump or the Brexit referendum in the UK. There were also immense scientific achievements like the successful mission of the Juno spacecraft or

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2017 Is Off And Running – So Am I!


The New Year is here, and I know, it happened so suddenly that we have all started to make these silly mistakes of writing 2016 instead of 2017, haven’t we? (be honest, please). At first, I would like to wish you all the best in the following next twelve months, I hope all of your personal and career goals would be fulfilled and even surprisingly exceeded. I believe that it

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My Brief Summary of 2016


This is that time of the year when we all start whispering “damn, time flies way too fast, we are all getting old”. And you know what? I am no different, I have just realized that I am closer to being 30 than to my early 20s, this thought does not make me the happiest man on the Earth, on the other side, the fact that there are still so

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Pourquoi j’aime faire de la moto ?


Néanmoins je dois la poser. C’est sûr, je suis un motocycliste novice. Il y a un an, ce n’est pas longtemps, je le sais tres bien. Initialement, c’était un choix très difficile. Je connaissais toutes les histoires des accidents graves. En plus, j’ai des amis qui n’avaient pas assez de bonheur. C’est tellement triste… Mais je l’ai finalement fait, J’ai passé l’examen de moto. J’étais tres heureux et aussi excite.

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Always value a sincere “No” over an inauthentic “Yes”


Probably, there are not many things that every human has in common. Well, we might share a similar DNA, breathe the same air, we all smile and we all cry, and ultimately, none of us will overcome our own mortality. However, we also share something much more important – the time – the given twenty-four hours a day, which we waste so easily by saying “Yes” while, deep inside, we

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Be Patient With Your Impatience


Rome was not built in a day, unsurprisingly, I have heard these words countless times – they have never worked for me... I am impatience by nature, I hate waiting and feeling of anticipation. Have you ever got a message from someone stating that “I will tell you something important later?” this is how exactly you can get me dander up. I guess it is one of my biggest flaws.

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Colors provide emotions, so should your life


Thursday, it is yet another cold, dark, and rainy day of this year’s late autumn. The vivid leaves of warm October have been long gone and forgotten, so are the vibrant colors of people in the streets. My sad observation is pretty clear, November brings not only low temperatures and shortened days but also gloomy darksome pastels to our lives. Sadly, we no longer tend to wear motley clothes, and

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Who and What do I follow on a daily basis?


I have to be honest with you, I have a truly wide spectrum of interest categories that I try to grasp and be up-to-date every day. Recently, I have vitally increased a quantity of social-related media to monitor and treat as a place full of valuable lessons. It was a good, yet previously being put on hold for much too long, choice. While debating about the source of current affair

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It is totally fine to be temporarily lost in life


It must have been a really staggering red sunset in Palos de la Frontera back in 1492. It was the day when Christopher Columbus set off to find a new sea route to India. The first mission led by a Genoa born Italian took 7 months and did not result in exploring a direct path to the Southern Asia (it was later done by yet another explorer Vasco Da Gamma).

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Les 72 heures surprenantes en Suisse


It is a rather rainy and cloudy Friday morning at the Grand Central Station in Basel, the scheduled train is delayed about 5 minutes. I am looking at the other passengers standing on the platform, nearly all of them are starting to look nervously at their shiny, Swiss hand-made watches. I am not stirred, I am totally used to late trams and buses, I live in Cracow. However, the Swiss

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