Kanban, Agile, Lean, SixSigma, PRINCE2, Waterfall and Scrum – What are those weirdos?

We all have to agree that these days we are living in the world of projects. We barely ever use words like tasks, events, things-to-do. We just want to be involved in the projects, even those small ones. There is something special in the word project, you immediately start to think about something big, something important, a breakthrough; even if you are going to implement a small excel macro update.

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Market Sneak Peek of the Week #2 – Rio 2016 is here!

Welcome back to the Market Sneak Peek of the Week series. We have got to say that recent days have been booming with several interesting events. Undoubtedly the most important event is a start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Every four years the world counts down to opening another Olympic Games. This one is historic, the first event is taking place in South America, in the land of samba

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Crude Oil – Brent, WTI and Dubai – What’s the difference?

Many say that the money makes the world go round. Undoubtedly it does, however, there is the Oil, the substance often referred as the Black Gold, which is far more precious than the world’s currencies. The difference between the money and the oil is simple, we may print notes nearly indefinitely, whereas, petroleum has its natural resources limit. The is nothing uncommon to say that the oil is invaluable. There

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