Colors provide emotions, so should your life

Thursday, it is yet another cold, dark, and rainy day of this year’s late autumn. The vivid leaves of warm October have been long gone and forgotten, so are the vibrant colors of people in the streets. My sad observation is pretty clear, November brings not only low temperatures and shortened days but also gloomy darksome pastels to our lives. Sadly, we no longer tend to wear motley clothes, and ladies cease to use shiny fuchsia lipsticks as their first choice. And I have got to be frank, it saddens me a lot, without prismatic brilliance, we miss quite a lot. The emotions.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Miedzy Rondem a Palma, and the casters were fervently discussing the lack of daylight and change of people’s appearance in rather a negative way. We seem to lose a lot of our vitality once we are unexpectedly hit by the Autumn chillness. As far as I am concerned, I literally find not even a dash of pleasure in gusts of strong wind coming straight into my face as soon as I leave my condo. Most of us feel that way, don’t we? Just come back home from work, get under a thick, cotton comforter and run a favorite movie with a glass of mulled wine. I am definitely this kind of a person. Can you please wake me up when the winter ends?

Coming back to colors and their package of feelings that they can easily bring. Even though, they are just “derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light power versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors”, and all of them are only a mix of three basic ones: blue, yellow and red.
Do you remember the scene in the Matrix movie when Neo was walking through the streets of New York City bumping into an adorable dame wearing a tight red dress? (by the way, the whole frame is a masterpiece) I can bet that you will never forget this one, you might ask why I think it so, the answer is simple – because of the eye-catching red apparel of the woman.
If you were to make a list of things that relate to the red color, you would make quite an extraordinary heart rate increasing collection. Instantly coming to my mind:

  • Ferrari and Ducati – Italian Stallions that most of the men dream of, the treasures of engineering craft, mostly hand-made symbols of adrenaline and unparalleled beauty.
  • Ruby gemstone – One of the most precious, and hardest gems in the world, only being surpassed by the Diamonds.
  • Red lips and nails have always been icons to concupiscence, desire, and sexual lust. (I agree…) So have been the red lingerie.
  • Burguned colored Wine – a beverage that is considered to be an ultimate aphrodisiac that has been drunk since the Ancient times.
  • They joy always has a red pattern – Coca-Cola and Santa Claus – this soon to come reddish connection is nearly inseparable
  • Red Carpet – every noble even is decorated with such an adornment. Can you imagine Academy Awards Ceremony without that? Somewhat a scary vision.

I could continue nearly forever, this certainly shows that the colors are truly integrated with human’s emotions. Can you recall the shade of your first automobile? Of course, you can, like of another million objects that left a spark deep inside you. People are definitely visualizers, we commemorate what makes us excited and passionate. This is what Picasso, Monet, DaVinci, Rubens and many others were aware of hundreds of years ago. While looking at my favorite painting, The Scream by Edward Munch, I see so many emotions being kept in one moment. I can feel the sadness, the fear, the illness, and the madness coming out of the masterpiece.


This is how a Kanban table and traffic lights work. They send an obvious message connected to each color which is later memorized by our brain in a timely fashion. “We remember even 90% of information seen as pictures, our memories are formed as paintings instead of long text messages.” Words are complex and rather challenging for the brain to learn, although visuals are compact and, as such, more easily identified. To illustrate, analyze your past school days of having to learn a set of new vocabulary words each week. Now, think back to the first embrace you had or your high school prom date. Most apparently, you had to put really vast effort to remember the vocabulary words. On the other hand, when you were actually having your first kiss or your prom date, I bet you were not trying to convey them to memory. Yet, you can immediately and effortlessly reflect these happenings (now, even after several years later). think how memorable the optical graphics are in logos, for example. You identify the brand by seeing the visual graphic, even before reading the name of the given brand. If you don’t believe just have a look at the below image:


Every color evokes a diverse and unique emotional response in the viewer and the smart web person will know the effect of each color, plus how and when to use each of them. There have been even attempting to heal people with the exposure to colors, but the results are quite unsatisfying. You know what is funny? When people meet each other, mostly on dates, one of the first questions being asked is “What is your favorite color?”. This is how important they really are to us, if you are not convinced, you might see two women wearing the same dress on a wedding party. They both would definitely see red. English is full of such idioms involving colors, e.g., when your friend just found a 50 dollar bill walking down the street with you might get green with envy.

The colors have always been playing a significant role in our lives. Undoubtedly, there is something special hidden in them, the way we can feel the patterns is truly fascinating. When we mourn we wear black, when we celebrate we get dressed motley and vividly. They are a window of our soul and represent our current mood and feels. That is why I strongly encourage everyone to reconsider his Autumn looks and throw a colorful bonus to your warm black and gray clothing. What about making the Blue Mondays a little bit more optimistic by wearing rose-coloured glasses? Shall we?

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