Money Can Be Beautiful

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that it is a virtue that is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, and opinions. I would agree with that. Some see beauty as a warm smile of your close ones when you go back home after a long day of work when others consider a blood-red Ferrari Italia as its quintessence. There is nothing wrong in each of the cases, accept it. However, how do we react when we hear that money can be beautiful? Isn’t it only an assumption that can be associated with the materialists? Let’s have a look at the cash from a little bit different perspective and try to make a list of ten the best looking banknotes. Even though the bills are gradually vanishing and the world turns into the digital currencies, we still may find unique exhibits.

Probably my favorite one, 100 Serbian Dinar. It presents the Serbia’s Greatest Inventor – Nikola Tesla. I totally love the T=Wb/m2 equation on a front of the banknote, and the fact that Tesla is shown as a vigorous man.

If you were wondering what could be put on a Canadian 5 dollar bill. Here is an answer – The Hockey, a national sport of this country.

Steven Spielberg might have been influenced by the Costa Rican 2000 Colones. Your powers of observation serve you well – it is a shark.

Before switching to EUR, The Netherlands had been using Gulden as its local currency. The Van Gogh’s Sunflowers had to be there:)

The Fiji’s Dollars are as wonderful as the sandy beaches of these tiny islands. So colorful yet powerful at the same time

In 1922, Neil Bohr received a Nobel’s Prize “for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them”. It was quite enough to appear on the Danish 500 Krone Bill.

Isle of man, a small land located between The UK and Ireland is best known for its low taxes and deadly motorcycle races. Did you know that the island has also their own versions of Pounds? They look bloody splendid.

Kazakhstan should be only famous for Ilya Ilin and Borat, but also for a great 10000 Tenge banknote that shows an endangered species of Snow Leopard.

No questions, two the most vivid bills I have ever seen – 20 Samoa Tala and 50 Trinidad and Tobago Dollars

Cabo Verde, most of us would not be able to locate this tiny country on a map. Fortunately, it stands out with an astonishing 2000 Escudos bill that includes a fiddle on the backside of a note.

This is only my personal small choice of existing banknotes. There are dozens of incredible ones if you have any preferences which are better – feel free to give me a call and do not forget to send a picture of the bill.

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