What I Would Have Wished Myself A Year Ago

It is the 7th of March 2017 – my birthday. Today I turn 27, twenty-seven, vingt-sept, siebenundzwanzig… I have said that like a million times, but fuck me, time flies way too quick. I am truly staggered how the last year has come and gone. Forever. This is also the moment that I take a seat and, even though I tend not to do this, I nostalgically look back at the past twelve months. I get a solid glass of honey-flavored Jack Daniels with the addition of a few ice cubes that, definitely, helps me to meditate on all those reflections. I think of my father when he was my age, by that time, he had been a professional soldier if he had not met my mother. Well, if that would have happened, probably, I would not have been able to write this text. You know… It is a bit cruel that life is so ever changing and unpredictable. As far as I am concerned, I am a person who tries to organize his week and upcoming months, but in the end, it might not matter. One unforeseen event can turn your life into a nightmare or make you the happiest person alive. Whether you accept it or not. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? I never look back to regret my previous decision, because sorrow leads to anger and anger guides to sadness. And I have had enough of grief in my short life. I know it is a bit of lengthy introduction, I just wanted to share with you a simple answer to the below question: What would I have wished myself a year ago?

Personal life and hobbies
1) I would have definitely wanted to worry less about the circumstances that I had no control over at all. Believe me, these are the stupidest things you can imagine: bad weather, phone left at home, a penalty for commuting without a valid ticket or a broken glass. I can recall a situation when I spilled over my protein shake straight on the wall, just before heading to the gym, I got furious and nearly made my day as a shitty one. Totally not worth it.

2) I should have started my blog months earlier… I had never imagined that being a blogger could provide such great feelings until I set off with my own one. A magnificent process of creating the text is something very similar to magic. You start with an empty page, and after an hour or two, you have a developing story that, often, you are a part of. Astonishing. Well, we all have a piece of Hank Moody hidden deep inside, it is just,  some of us are yet to discover such a rare gift. And what if God does not hate us all?

3) I wished I had appreciated minor pieces of life with more awareness. A hot morning coffee, a sunny day, being healthy, being able to fulfill my goals and hobbies. These are the things that, honestly, we never think of. We, the humans, are greedy mofos and we take a lot of as granted. Just keep in mind, nothing is, and the due day is each day a piece.

4) Last 12 months, I could have ridden my Honda much more than I actually did. I know that it ain’t gonna happen again. I have a specified dream (goal), I wanna be a proper rider, and there is no other way to achieve that than to practice the craft. What else can I add, I love riding, hopefully, always will.

5) Patience. Patience. Patience. Two months ago, I wrote a text about being impatient. Last year, I was fighting hard to get rid of that quality. I can observe progress, but a hell lot of more work to be implemented to this.

6) I should have spent more time on playing the instruments. I am a music junky, I never leave my flat without a device that allows me to listen to the music. If it happens, I am just mad, really really mad… Last few weeks I have been actively coming back to playing the guitar, and you know what? It makes me feel at peace, the music takes you over to the “zone”. It is the moment, just like in sports, when you forget about the whole world, everything moves slower, nearly stops. An unbelievable feeling.

7) I would have tried to go offline more frequently. After one of the latest Volants’ articles, I realized that even though I do consider social medias as a great invention of our times, I waste my time on scrolling the infinite facebook walls or looking at the posts by individuals that I see as totally not worth reading. Not to mention, that most of the e-personas are as fake as it gets, we follow the people who lead the artificial plastic lives trying to make us believe in that. Getting stuck with a proper lecture and a glass of a fine wine seems like a better option now.

1) Right now I know, I should have wished myself to change my previous job a year earlier than I truly did. There is not a single point to cry over spilled milk, but this is just my thought. In my current job, I feel appreciated, I know that I am on a correct path. Let it stay that way.

2) I should have started tracking my expenses and keeping my house excel budget a few years back. Finally, I did it in January 2017, better late than never. Now I know how it easily it is to waste money on things that I really do not need. Frankly speaking, I also set a red Ducati SuperSport 939 s as a wallpaper everywhere that I could – if I ever were to forget that being a penny saver would pay off in the future 🙂

3) I would have networked much more. For the last 5-6 weeks, together with my friends, we have been spending the Sundays afternoons on coworking. We gather in the Columbus Coffee (it has become our spot-to-go, really), grab a huge cup of coffee with cinnamon and put a team effort to develop our projects in a stellar atmosphere. You all should try this as well:)

4) I wished I had read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie prior to 2017. A lecture that opened my eyes for one aspect that I had missed for way too long. It is always better to listen than to talk. People value listeners, and it is much easier to listen than to be a good orator.

And what I wish myself for the next twelve months? Unquestionably, I wish myself that, in a year from now, I will be able to tell myself that I am a wiser than I used to be. I also wish myself that I will keep on being persistent as a sportsman and in my development plans. And last, but surely, not least I wish myself that my life would be full of moments that take my breath away, not necessarily alone:) Deep inside I am convinced that we live to celebrate the seconds that we, later on, recall with an immense grin on the face.

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