Hello everyone,

I am a Fintech Training Analyst at the Brown Brother Harriman company.
I have been widely involved in the Financial Industry since 2012. Previously, I worked in the Fund Accounting Technical Projects and daily Fund Accounting Valuation Teams. I have also practical experience in Agile and Scrum methodology in financial and IT projects.
I am a Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate holder (CFA approved), and additionally, I am an active social and financial blogger.

I am an ambitious and passionate person who strives for greatness. I have always been a hard-worker, both as in my professional career as well as a sportsman. I love challenges and I give my best to look at every obstacle as a chance to improve. Not only keep I working hard on developing myself, but I also aim at making others better, both, as professionals and human beings. I am definitely a man on a mission.

I am interested in economics, finances, world markets, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, public speaking, coaching, mentoring, blogging, podcasting, motorcycling, popular science, powerlifting, nutrition in sports, weightlifting and basketball.

In addition, I have always been a huge foreign languages enthusiast. In 2009 I became a TOEFL English speaker and I am zestfully learning French.

I am always open for new horizons and hurdles. I do believe that each day is a chance to learn something new, even stuff that might appear to be meaningless at the first glance.

I am sure you will find my blog as an interesting place to be;)!

“Starting your blog is like a Jedi Knight building his own lightsaber.”

“I never lose, sometimes I win and sometimes I learn”

“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing”


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