Tasks that I have been involved lately

1. StrengthCraft

StrengthCraft – A project, launched in October 2016, of organizing sports events where sportsmen and sportswomen from different activities like CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and others can compete against each other. A cooperation of 5 young folks who are trying to create a platform to promote physical activities on a daily basis. We are now in the middle of the first edition and there has been a huge response from the Polish training community. The first episode of the KOTH challenge has been released. More good things to come!;)

Find more at:

StrengthCraft Official Site



2. Blockchain Project – The Ministry of Digital Affairs

Blockchain – The Ministry of Digital Affairs

Taking part in an official ministry project of creating opportunities for sustainable development of blockchain and digital currencies technologies in Poland

Main Responsibilities:
– FAQ creating
– Project name discussion
– Training proposals
– Education and Information Delivery
– Popularization and Promotion
– Social Media Administration: Facebook and Twitter

3. P2P.Systems & Crypto@Cracow

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts Technologies popularization project.

We would like to provide information regarding the principals and worldwide development in the below areas. We have set up the periodic meetups in Cracow and launched our website. There are 5 people involved: Tomasz Kurowski, Jacek Sieradzki, Adam Kotucha, Tomasz Korwin-Gajkowska and Wojciech Kwiatek.

Crypto@Cracow – Meetup.com

P2P.Systems Website

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