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Microsoft goes open source – the hell has frozen over

For decades Microsoft had been a definition of constancy, but several months ago even that had to change. In the last two years, the Redmond company has introduced numerous of services and application helping them to adapt to an expanding IT world. Let me take you for a quick ride to acquaint you with the recent Microsoft development. Ladies and gentlemen, keep your seat belts fastened. Since its founding in

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Is Google (Alphabet) becoming a real-life Skynet?

Today, we’ll have a further look at Google’s expansion of acquiring more and more businesses and entering a variety of areas of development. Even though it is happening without a spectacular noise the progression they have made is truly tremendous. Forget to look at Google as a Gmail or search engine – treat it as one of the most visionary companies that have ever existed. We have all seen the

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Eleiko – The Masters of Steel

We are getting closer and closer to the Olympic Games in Rio, first ever to be held in Brazil. I and my friends are looking forward to Ilya Ilin competing for a 3rd straight gold medal in weightlifting (being equal with Mighty Pyrros Dimas). If he wins again, it will be done with an Eleiko Bar rising high over the top of his head. In this article, I’ll present you

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KTM – A Clockwork Orange?

If you were ever to think about an Austrian sports hegemon, you would probably come up with an idea of winter disciplines. The ski jumping, skiing, snowboarding, and similar, nothing close to what I have on my mind – motorcycling. Even though it may sound as a joke, the Austrians have been doing it great in the field in last 20 years. Let me introduce a Clockwork Orange – The

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